What's New?

What's New?

Happy Holidays!

To all our cherished adopters, friends, volunteers, Vets and rescue-associates: We wish you ALL a safe, happy, love-filled Holiday. We couldn't do our life-saving work without your support and as we approach the end of our third year in business we can say it's been the best, with the most rescues, to date. Stay tuned for our end of the year wrap up!

Until then, we hope you'll enjoy seeing our special holiday image featuring our once teenie-weenie kittens, Lil' Gracey & Confetti Joe, who are both hoping Santa brings them a forever home soon! You can see all our cats available for adoption by following this LINK.


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Honoring the Tragedy. Kitties for Kids Returns

Newtown, Conn. (December 1, 2013) – Kitten Associates, “The New Breed of Cat Rescue,” is a home foster-based non-profit cat rescue group located in Sandy Hook, Conn. In the wake of last December’s Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, Kitten Associates jumped into action, creating the program “Kitties for Kids,” a unique therapeutic play session with their rescue-kittens, designed to help soothe broken hearts. The program was a great success, garnering accolades from the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal and, most recently, highlighted as a feature article in the December 2013 issue of Cat Fancy magazine, a national publication.

Kitties for Kids Flyer B1 12.2013xsm.jpg

“We know our community will never truly heal from this tragedy and for that reason, beginning on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Shooting and for two weeks following, we are re-opening our “Kitties for Kids” program for anyone who needs it.” says Kitten Associates Founder, President and Award-Winning cat blogger of CoveredinCatHair.com, Robin A.F. Olson. “Last year we were honored to witness the special healing power that simply petting a cat or watching them leap after a toy brings to young and old alike. For that reason, we decided to invite our fellow residents to return to our cat-filled home again.”

“Kitties for Kids” will run from December 14—28, 2013 from 1pm to 5pm (only closed on Christmas Day). Each kitten visit will last for 30 minutes, with the ability to request longer periods or repeat visits. To ensure the safety of both children and the cats, Kitten Associates can only allow children over the age of 4 to meet their foster cats and kittens. All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

After children visit with the kittens, and for younger kids aged 2-4 who can’t visit the live kitties, the organization will be giving each child a free plush kitty. Those particularly affected will receive a K.T. Cat, a super-soft, cuddly play and sleep mate designed to help children express their feelings. This educational plush toy will also remind them of the comfort of the real animals.

“We were humbled by seeing the joy return to the faces of the families who took part in our program and our kittens loved the attention. We knew that this first anniversary was going to be toughest, so we decided to re-open Kitties For Kids as a way of giving back to our community” says the group’s Vice President, Sam Moore. “We have a house full of kittens who love to play and purr. They are truly a cure for what ails an aching heart.”

“Though our primary mission is rescuing cats and kittens and placing them into loving homes, we’re going to take a break from that and focus on helping soften the pain of what will surely be a difficult time for everyone in Newtown.” Olson explains. “We want to be there for our community in any way we can.”

# # #

For more information about the Kitten Associates, a 501c3 non-profit organization, visit their website at kittenassociates.org. To set up a visit, request a free plush for your child, or to make donation, interested parties should email Kitten Associates at info@kittenassociates.org or call 203-744-9CAT (9228). To learn more about K.T. Cat plush toys, visit http://www.ustimefun.com/kt-cat/ and to learn more about Cat Fancy, visit their web site http://www.catchannel.com/cat-fancy/

We're Featured in the Dec 2013 Issue of Cat Fancy!

We're thrilled, honored and delighted to let you know that our program, Kitties for Kids, has been featured in the December 2013 issue of Cat Fancy magazine, a national publication. This 4-page spread is thoughtfully written by Kellie Gormly and features photos from our special program designed to help heal wounded hearts here in Newtown, CT.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of the December 2013 issue of Cat Fancy, check your local retailers right now or visit Cat Fancy online. Be sure to check out their Cat Channel which has loads of helpful information about cats, their health and behavior issues. Oh, and don't forget to LIKE them on Facebook!

Cat Fancy Cover Image 200.jpg

Cat Fancy KA Pages 400.jpg

Celebrate Howl-o-Ween with Kitten Associates!

Kitten Associates has just been invited to attend the Howl-O-Ween Spectacular at Choice Pet Supply on Saturday, October 26th from 11am to 3pm. Not only will some of the foster kittens be in attendance, but there will also be fun events for the whole family!

There will be Face Painting, a Costume Contest, FREE Cider and Donuts, but hopefully only friendly ghosts and goblins!

We hope you'll stop by to learn about all the kitties in our program who are looking for their forever homes or just come over to say hello! See you Saturday!

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Meet the Clementines!

One of our goals is to help local cats in need, but this time we just had to go beyond our borders and rescue six precious lives. These 8-week old orange (okay, one is buff colored) tabby kittens have been nicknamed the Clementines. These babies were going to be euthanized because the rural Kentucky shelter they were was overcrowded and had no choice unless a rescue could step forward.

We offered to grant a rescue group $200 to help with their care, hoping someone would step up, but a few days passed and time was "up." We decided that because we were blessed by having a new foster home open up that we could take this family on so we made arrangements to rescue this family.

Clementines Arrive R Olson 350.jpg

A few days ago we picked up the kittens. They were covered in fleas. When we got them home at 1am, we noticed that two had eye infections so the next day we took them to the vet for a check up.

Dot getting a Bath R Olson 800.jpg

The kittens are getting the care they need, but because they're underweight we couldn't treat their fleas, other than by giving them a bath. We think the warm water really soothed them because they all fell asleep after getting cleaned up. They're eating well and playing. In a few days we'll have our Squee-TV 24/7 web cam set up in their room so you can watch their antics any time. Watch for a link on our web site or on our Facebook page.

Sick Kitten R Olson.jpg

As with any rescue, we always appreciate donations of food, toys, litter or gift cards to keep the kittens happy. If you'd like to help, please visit our Amazon.com Wishlist or click the icon to the right and you can purchase whatever fits your budget or to make a donation to the Clementines you can click on the "DONATE" tab above or mail a check made out to "Kitten Associates" and send it to, P.O. Box 354, Newtown, CT 06470-0354.

Thank you!

Kitten Associates is the Honored Recipient of Two Donations!

Today Dogtime Media held their annual Pettie Awards Ceremony, which celebrates pet bloggers from around the globe. The winner of each category receives a $1000.00 donation they may give to any non-profit pet rescue of their choice.

Pettie Award Best THANK YOU 250.jpg

We are more than thrilled to honor the winners, our Founder & President, Robin A.F. Olson, for her blog post, “Dear Fred,” a love letter to an ailing foster kitten on his last day. Fred had FIP, a fatal disease, and passed away in May of this year. Robin will be donating her prize money to Kitten Associates.

Ingrid King, who writes The Conscious Cat blog, won Best Overall Pet blog and she, too, has offered Kitten Associates her $1000.00 donation!

Congratulations to the Winners and THANK YOU so much for the donations. It helps us keep our doors open and save more lives, like Biscotti & Pizzelle, pictured below who were rescued a few days ago.

Biscotti and Pizzelle 250.jpg

If you'd like to see a rebroadcast of the Awards Show, go HERE


Meet our 9-week old kittens, the stars of our 24/7 webcam: Squee-TV! They'll be taking part in our BIG FUNDRAISER on TUESDAY 8/6 at Salon Michele, 6 Queen Street in Newtown, CT. The kittens will be visiting from 12-2pm so make sure you stop by to say hello and get a haircut to support a GREAT CAUSE!

Thanks to Patrick Lomantini and his team, from BarkAID, 100% of the proceeds will go to our cat rescue program! We'll also have yummy goodies from DOrazio Sisters Bakery and some cute cat-centric goodies for sale. Hope to see you there!

CALL 203-426-4247 TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT. Walk-ins are also welcome!

KA BarkAid Flyer 120dpi SMich Vers I 450.jpg

$20 HAIR-CUT-A-THON To Raise Money for KA!


Mark your calendars and don't miss out on a GREAT WAY to help cats and kittens in need, while freshening up your own look! Patrick Lomantini, a Master Hairstylist and his team from BarkAid, will be making Kitten Associates his ONE CONNECTICUT stop on his 50 States Tour! Patrick will be joined by the talented staff at Salon Michele, to offer $20 haircuts on Tuesday, August 6th.

Save the Date copy.jpg

100% of the proceeds goes to Kitten Associates!

So if it's time to get a Back-to-School haircut or you want to try a new style, this is your chance to save money and help us save more cats in need!

We're also going to have a Kitty Boutique of fun cat-centric items as well as face painting by JeriAnn! We may have some special goodies available, too, so DO STOP BY and say hello even if you're not ready for a haircut.

Stay tuned for more details!

Meet our Newest Family!

Though everyone here at Kitten Associates is still heartbroken over the loss of our dear cat, Fred, we realized that the best way to heal was by helping another family in need. We got a call a few days ago to help a very young mama-cat who had just given birth to five tiny kittens on a sidewalk on a very busy street. Her life and the lives of her kittens were in danger. She had no one to provide for her and no shelter for her newborns. She was extremely thin, giving everything she had to her kittens, leaving nothing for herself.

First of family 6.2013 sm.jpg

We named this sweet cat, Minerva, the Roman Goddess of Wisdom (though we call her “Skinny-Minnie”). Minnie was very wise to not hide her kittens so a good samaritan could find her and seek help.

Minnie's kittens were born on June 1, 2013 and are just over a week old today. Though Minnie and her family have many challenges ahead, they are all doing well so far, are growing and gaining weight. Even Minnie gained 3 oz, which she desperately needs to do so she can continue to provide for her offspring.

All the babies in a row sm.jpg

If you'd like to see our family, you can visit our brand new web cam that runs 24/7! Just visit this link: http://dropc.am/p/N7S3no. With any luck everyone will be ready for adoption in early August!

If you'd like to help us provide for our new family, please consider making a donation towards their care. Use the Donate Today button on the right side of this page or mail a check made out to: Kitten Associates to: Kitten Associates, P.O. Box 354, Newtown, CT 06470.

Fred, Mascot for Kitties for Kids Has Passed Away

Our beloved, Fred, mascot of Kitties for Kids, died after a long struggle, with what initially was an unknown illness. After months of tests and treatments it was determined that Fred probably had Feline Infectious Peritonitis, which is a fatal disease caused by a spontaneous mutation of the corona virus. FIP is only determined after ruling out everything else because there are no tests for it, which is why we needed so much funding to search for a way to help Fred.

Only a month prior, Fred had been honored with the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association “2013 Pet of the Year Award,” as well as being part of the team given special recognition by US Senator Richard Blumenthal for “providing compassionate and dedicated service” in comforting traumatized children, first responders, and caregivers following the events of 12/14.

Fly Free Fred B copy.jpg

“We worked so very hard to save Fred’s life. FIP is a diagnosis made by ruling out other diseases. We spent weeks seeing specialists and trying different treatments hoping the results would not tell us it was FIP,” said Kitten Associates President and Founder Robin A.F. Olson. “Fred was a charmer, his high leaps made children giggle with glee, but the FIP, over the past month, robbed Fred of being able to move at all.”

“Everyone was rooting for Fred to survive. We had a saying; ‘Go, Team Fred!’” said Kitten Associates Vice President Sam Moore. “Tens of thousands of people knew about Fred’s story and many of them sent us messages of encouragement and love. We know if love cured illness, Fred would never have been sick for even a second.”

In honor of Fred’s passing, Kitten Associates is going to rename its “Boo-Boo & Sniffles Fund,” which they use for special veterinary care, “The Fred Fund,” said Ms Olson.

“Though I am devastated at losing Fred, a few people said to me that they thought maybe Fred had finished his work here and that the children who died in the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary needed him more,” Ms Olson explained. “That’s why, after Fred passed away, we tied a green and white bow around his neck so the children would know him when he arrives in Heaven.”

As a final gesture, Ms Olson and Mr Moore filled out and signed Fred’s adoption contract, formally adopting him as one of their own family. They wanted Fred to have what all Kitten Associates cats have—a forever home, even if in this case it was only for a day.

Fred passed surrounded by the people who loved him most including his brother, Barney, who survives him and has shown no sign of the illness.