What's New?

What's New?

The First of our Two Pregnant Cats Gives Birth

Winnie and her mother, Laney are our latest pregnant cat rescues. Winnie, barely out of kitten hood herself, gave birth yesterday morning to 3 precious kittens. Winnie's youth, living in filth with little food or support, she was covered with fleas and very likely inbred with her siblings. The odds were against her kittens having much of a chance to survive. As it turned out 2 kittens were stillborn and only one survived birth. His name is Piglet and he weighed just 2 ounces when a normal birth weight is 3-4 ounces.

We named the other kittens Tigger and Eeyore because every kitten that arrives is named and loved even if their time with us is short. We owe it to them to give them the respect and care they should have had for a very long life. Though our hearts are broken we are focusing our efforts on supporting Winnie, as she learns to be a caring mother and helping Piglet stay warm and well fed.

Tonight is Piglet's first weigh-in and we're praying we see a slight weight gain, which is the first sign that he may be with us for some time to come.

Winnie and Piglet NEVER had a chance to survive if it wasn't for the efforts of our devoted foster mom, Moe. This is a perfect example of why ostering literally saves lives.

If you'd like to get updates on Winnie and Piglet, please visit our Facebook page or check back here.

If you're interested in fostering either in the Newtown, CT or southeastern Atlanta, GA area, please contact us at info@kittenassociates.org

Note: Piglet is resting on a tube sock filled with rice that is gently warmed in the microwave oven. That way he doesn't get cold when he's not snuggling with his mama.

Winnie and first kitten 450

Piglet with Glasses

Kitten Associates Chosen as Finalist in Dogtime Petties Awards!

Dogtime Media announced their list of Finalists in their “Oscars of Pet Blogging” contest called the Petties this week. We're completely shocked to announce that our little rescue, Kitten Associates, was chosen as one of FOUR finalists for the Best Rescue/Cause Blog!

Not only is this a GREAT HONOR, but if we win the coveted award K.A. will get a $1000.00 donation! This could be a game-changer for us because not only has our rescue been chosen as the recipient of this award, but if the following finalists win, we will get THEIR $1000.00 awards, too!

YOU CAN HELP US WIN by simply visiting this LINK and VOTE EVERY DAY until August 7, 2014. Make sure to bookmark the page so you can find it again. Then check back here in September to find out if we won!

VOTE FOR KITTEN ASSOCIATES and our friends: Covered in Cat Hair for Best Blog post

The Conscious Cat for Best Overall Pet Blog

The Tiniest Tiger for Best Cat Blog

and Texts from Mittens for Funniest Blog or Blogger

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Help Us Celebrate our 4th Anniversary!

Even with a lousy economy, adoptions down, owner-surrenders up, we're very glad to say we're still here. Thanks to all of you, our adopters, volunteers and donors, we can proudly say that together we've helped save the lives of OVER 325 cats and kittens in our four years.

To celebrate our anniversary we've taken on 6 more at-risk kittens who were living in terrible conditions. All of them are sick, covered with fleas and worse, but the good news is so far all that troubles them are things we can fix. In time, these precious souls, like the ones that came before them, will be healthy and happy and living in their forever homes.

For no matter how many challenges and dark days we've known, we are committed to providing the best care and most loving foster homes for our rescues no matter what it takes.

Thank you for being part of our success. I hope you'll continue to share our journey and be inspired to help us save more lives!

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Saving Wallace Inspires an Idea

Last week we came to the aid of the Danbury Fire Department after they'd rescued a kitten trapped inside the wall of a home. We're very happy to report that thanks to his wonderful foster mom, Christine, Wallace-the-kitten is doing very well. In fact Wallace has doubled his weight and is playing and enjoying life with his new BFF, a Great Dane named Nina.

Now that the dust has settled a bit we wanted to share an idea with all of you. We discovered that the Fire Station staff have no information on how to care for young kittens and we want to fix that problem. We'd like to put together a Kit, with printed information that includes the names of rescues in the area and vets who can possibly help with a rescued kitten. Eventually we'd like to add a page here on our web site and provide the staff with some products like a kitten nurser, rubber nipples, goat milk, a small heating pad, a SnuggleKittie™ (which literally made all the difference in Wallace's rescue), a small cat carrier and a few other items. Ideally want this "Kitten Rescue Kit" in EVERY Fire Station in the country!

We're pretty sure we can cover the costs for a Kitten Rescue Kit for the Danbury Fire Station and our own, here in Newtown, but going forward, we'd love some volunteers to help us put together these kits, solicit donations and help us get them out where they're needed.

In Wally's case, had he been at the Fire Station much longer without being fed or voided, he could have become critical and died. With a little bit of care to keep him stable until help could arrive could make all the difference for other kittens in need. If you'd like to help us put this project together, please contact us at: info@kittenassociates.org or call us at: 203-744-9228.

If you'd like to make a donation in honor of a Fireman or to help us with our new program, please visit our Donate page or click the Donate button to the right.

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Trapped Inside a Wall. Rescued by Danbury FD & KA!

Meet Wallace. He was trapped inside a wall in an abandoned house and the people living there called for help when they heard his cries. The crew was able to safely rescue the 3-week old kitten, but there was no sign of his mother or any other kittens. The choice was to leave him behind to find his family or bring him back to the station and try to get him some help.

Kitten Associates was called to step in when other rescues couldn't. Although we don't have a huge network of foster homes we decided it was too dangerous to let the kitten go on for countless hours without any nutrition so we jumped into action.

We showed some of the fireman how to feed the kitten and they were really helpful and interested in Wallace's care going forward. We feel like Wallace may have a new fan club rooting for him and we certainly hope that's the case. It was nice to help people who rescue others for a living-a way to give back to our community and to respect our Firefighters for what they do.

If you'd like to help with Wallace's future care, please consider making a donation using any of the buttons on the right or by clicking on the DONATE page above.

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First glimpse.jpg

Happy Birthday!

On May 13th, Celeste welcomed 5 kittens into the world. We were able to share her big day via our live SqueeTV Ch 2 web cam! After the joy of the births was over, we realized one of the kittens wasn't doing well. He was much smaller than his siblings and although we provided him with 24-hr care, he lost his brave fight after just one day. We named him Fiorello, which means Little Flower. He was a very special little boy who was white with gray polka dots that completely charmed us.

Though we're brokenhearted, we're also glad to report that the remaining kittens, two boys and two girls, are doing very well. Yesterday they turned 2-weeks old and each one is far larger than their "milestone" weight goals for their age. Celeste had us worried for a few days, but after a vet visit and some tests, we just continued to provide her with great food and love and she improved. Celeste is remarkably friendly and a great mother.

If you'd like to check in on the kittens, we've expanded coverage so you can watch them o either of TWO web cams! Visit SqueeTV CH 2 or SqueeTV CH 3

Full Family 5.15.jpg

With family doing well R Olson.jpg

In Honor of Mother's Day a New Rescue!

Meet Celeste. She was dumped off and left to fend for herself. Whether it was due to her being pregnant or it happened after she was abandoned we will never know. All we know is this poor kitty is very thin, her fur is missing in many places. She's VERY pregnant and due to give birth in about a week.

We can't help cats like Celeste unless we have the funding to provide for her. If you'd like to make a donation in honor of your Mother or in honor of Celeste, please use the DONATE button on the right and leave a message in your donation so we know what it's for.

If you'd like to watch SqueeTV Ch 2, our live 24/7 web cam, use this LINK and you might just catch Celeste giving birth!

Celeste R Olson sm.jpg


We're VERY busy rescuing moms and kittens! Meet Mia, our latest rescue with her 5 healthy kittens, Woody, Ivy, Gretel, Fernando and Snickers. They were just born a week ago and we're already madly in love with each one.

MIa with kits 350.jpg

If you'd like to share your love for kittens by making a donation to help us keep doing what we do best, you can simply click on the DONATE TODAY button on the right.

Back to helping more kitties!

Sandy Hook Elementary Student Adopts Her First Kitties from Kitten Associates & Gives Us a Big Surprise!

Hanna Reps, an 8-yr old student at Sandy Hook Elementary School, recently had her dream come true when her parents, Steven & Hilary Reps surprised her by adopting a mama-cat and her offspring from Kitten Associates.

“Hanna had been asking for a kitten for the past two years.” says Steven Reps. “My wife and I hadn’t planned on adding a cat to our family, but we realized nothing would be better than to make our daughter’s dreams come true. We knew we wanted to adopt a kitten locally, instead of buying one from a pet shop, so we were happy to find Kitten Associates.”

Kitten Associates Founder and President, Robin A.F. Olson, along with her Vice President, Sam Moore, personally delivered the cats to Hanna’s family. Hanna, only knowing she was getting a cat named Mochachino, was shocked to see Mocha’s son, a little gray and white kitten named, Pizzelle, pop out of the cat carrier moments later.

“For the weeks prior to the adoption, we just told Hanna that she’s getting ‘a cat.’ She was totally surprised when she realized she got not one, but two cats.” says Hilary Reps.

Hanna and KittenAssoc R Olson 400.jpg

Hanna has spent the last few weeks feeding, playing and snuggling with her new family members. As her 8th birthday arrived, Hanna realized the best gift she could get was not one for her. So she asked her friends to bring, instead of presents, donations of food, cat toys and funds to help Kitten Associates continue their life-saving efforts for cats in need.

“Many parents who dropped off their kids for the party provided very positive feedback on this idea. I know many of them will do something similar when their children have birthday parties.” says Steven Reps.

“This adoption was one of the most poignant and meaningful we’ve ever done. It was an honor to be able to be there the moment Hanna saw her cats for the first time.” said Moore. “For her to choose to spend her birthday helping our rescue shows great maturity and compassion for one so young.”

“Steven and Hilary lead by example, showing their daughter how important it is to give back, by volunteering for our local elementary school and now helping us. When they arrived at our home with their arms filled with gifts and food for our foster cats, I couldn’t help but be deeply moved.” Olson explains. “After spending time with her, it was easy to see that Hanna already has what it takes to be a GREAT “cat-mom,” too. She reminds us how one person can make a positive impact on the lives of others and for that reason everyone here at Kitten Associates is truly grateful.”

The Final Results are in-2013 was our Best Year Yet!

In 2012 we helped save 60 lives, which for a rescue as young as ours is a pretty good feat. We worked really hard in 2013 to try to reach, at least 75 cats saved. Between our efforts on social networking and increasing the size of our foster home network, we were able to save not 75 cats, but blow way past our goal!

In 2013 we helped save the lives of 94 cats in need!

Not only did we save lives, we helped OTHER rescues raise funds for their cats in need. We also consulted with other rescues on how they can leverage their resources better and with the use of savvy social media marketing, how they can improve their donations and the number of their rescues!

Kitten Associates was founded on the idea that although we can't save every animal who needs us, that we will always do what we can to help other rescues do their job better so collectively we can save more lives.

We hope you'll consider helping keep our rescue efforts going with a donation to our General Fund. We'll use it to buy food, litter, toys and Vet care, to ensure our foster cats are healthy. We can't keep our doors open without your help. Simply visit our DONATE page for your donation options. You can even let us know you'd like to donate in someone's honor for a birthday or anniversary gift and we'll send them a personalized thank you card! If you have any questions, just contact us at info@kittenassociates.org

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