Happy Birthday!

On May 13th, Celeste welcomed 5 kittens into the world. We were able to share her big day via our live SqueeTV Ch 2 web cam! After the joy of the births was over, we realized one of the kittens wasn't doing well. He was much smaller than his siblings and although we provided him with 24-hr care, he lost his brave fight after just one day. We named him Fiorello, which means Little Flower. He was a very special little boy who was white with gray polka dots that completely charmed us.

Though we're brokenhearted, we're also glad to report that the remaining kittens, two boys and two girls, are doing very well. Yesterday they turned 2-weeks old and each one is far larger than their "milestone" weight goals for their age. Celeste had us worried for a few days, but after a vet visit and some tests, we just continued to provide her with great food and love and she improved. Celeste is remarkably friendly and a great mother.

If you'd like to check in on the kittens, we've expanded coverage so you can watch them o either of TWO web cams! Visit SqueeTV CH 2 or SqueeTV CH 3

Full Family 5.15.jpg

With family doing well R Olson.jpg