What's New?

What's New?

Hurricane Sandy-Special Statement


Kitten Associates is currently without power with no idea of how long it will be before restoration efforts are completed in our area. There are rumors it may be 7-10 days.

Our phone service is not working well and we don't seem to be able to make any calls. E-mail is working, but not completely reliable at this time.

If you've sent us an application to adopt, please bear with us. If you've found a stray, injured cat or kitten and live ONLY in Newtown, CT, please contact Newtown Animal Care & Control at 203-426-6900. If you have questions about adopting one of our kittens or any other questions, please email us at info@kittenassociates.org.

Please be patient. We have no control over when our services will be up and running normally again

All our foster kittens are safe and well and we have food, for now. We have plans in place to acquire more cat food should our supplies run out from a local retailer who will open their doors just for us-even if the power is still out.

Thank you for your understanding. We hope to be back up and running and saving more lives soon.



Robin Olson

President & Founder

Kitten Associates, Inc.

Winnie and her Family Join Us!

2012 has been unprecedented in the number of kittens being born. Every rescue is beyond capacity and we get calls every day from folks who need help. Winnie was one such kitty; a friendly pregnant cat who lived outdoors needed a safe place to give birth and care for her kittens. One look at her face and we knew we had to do something.

Preggie winnie.jpg
©2012 Donna M. Winnie before giving birth, enjoying time in the garden.

The only reason we could offer assistance was because Winnie has a guardian angel named Donna who offered to foster Winnie and her family until they were ready to be adopted in early October. Donna's dedication to this family made it possible for us to say YES because we don't have any room in our sole foster home in Connecticut to take on any more.

Winie and babies.jpg
©2012 Robin A.F. Olson. Winnie and family.

Winnie gave birth to 5 kittens, 2 girls and 3 boys, on August 10th. So far everyone is doing well and we're making sure Winnie and her family have all the Vet care and support they need. We love knowing that another family is safe and off the streets, but we do wish everyone would spay or neuter their cats. There are too many to be helped and we don't want any more sad stories about the ones who didn't get help in time.

©2012 Donna M. Baby girl.

Winnie's kittens will be available for adoption some time in October. We'll post updates on their progress and hopefully some videos of them once they start learning how to play.

Meet PeanutButter!

Cute Peanutbutter.jpg

PeanutButter is just 7 weeks old. She's a very lucky dilute calico because a friendly lady found her and saved her life. Poor Peanut had a bad abscess in her neck due to an injury, but we're not sure how it happened. What we do know is Peanut would have died if she hadn't gotten the loving care she needed.


The good news is that Peanut's injury is healing up, she's healthy, happy and ready to find her forever home. Some of her fur had to be shaved away to help heal her wound, but other than that she's a loving and playful little girl. If you're interested in adopting Peanut, just fill out a Pre-Adoption application HERE.

100_7171_dilute calico.jpg

Welcome, Milo!

Milo is our newest foster kitten! He and his two brothers were taken in by our Vet, Dr. Chris Mixon of the Newtown Veterinary Center. Dr Mixon has a big heart when it comes to little cats and when Milo and his littermates, Otis and Boogie arrived, sick and skinny, Dr. Mixon made sure the cats got the care they needed.

Milo Full Body copy.jpg

We were more than happy to help find Otis a loving home and Boogie is lucky to have found a great home with one of the staff at NVC. That leaves Milo, so we brought him into our foster program. He's a sweet cat, loves to play, purr and eat his nom-noms!

Milo will have a medium long fur coat and due to his long whiskers we think he may be a big kitty when he grows up. Milo is only 3 months old!

Meet Milo copy.jpg

Click on the Adopt tab if you'd like to know more about Milo and Thank You to Dr. Mixon for being so awesome!

Meet Fred & Barney

Fred & Barney are approaching their 4th week birthday. These adorable little munchkins were born to a mother who is only 9 months old. Although we love these little fellas immensely we wish their mama had been spayed to avoid her the difficult labor and the loss of two of her kittens a few days after they were born.

Fred and Barney.jpg
©2012 Cyndie Tweedy.

Fred & Barney will be available for adoption some time in September. Stay tuned for more updates!

Set Your DVR for Thursday, July 12th at 3pm!

Robin Olson, Founder & President of Kitten Associates, will be featured on Better Connecticut TOMORROW at 3pm on WFSB (Ch. 3). She'll be discussing the urgent need for foster homes for kittens and cats with Scot Haney & Kara Sundlun.

Better CT b.jpg

Olson will also be sharing the spotlight with her two of her foster kittens, Sabrina and Cutie Patootie so don't miss the show!

A Surprising Update on Tater Tot

We never thought Tater would still be with us 8 days after his diagnosis of FIP, a fatal disease. It's possible the diagnosis was wrong because after not eating for days, losing weight and a soaring temperature, we discovered that Tater was suffering from two parasitic infections. Once treatment began, a new kitten emerged, one who surprised us all.

Enjoy this special look at one very special kitten.

©2012 Robin A.F. Olson & Maria S.

Tater Tot Needs You

Our little foster, Tater Tot has fallen ill. The Vet thinks he MAY have the wet form of FIP, which is a fatal disease. We're doing everything we can to save Tater's life, but we need YOUR help to provide funding for additional blood work and other tests we need to do to give us a better idea of what is ailing our sweet foster kitten.

©2012 Maria S. We just want our sweet boy back to his old self. This is Tater a few hours after we started treatment.

If you can help Tater, please use the ChipIn widget, below.

Your donation is TAX-DEDUCTIBLE as we are a 501©3 Non-Profit Cat Rescue.

If you'd prefer to send a check, please make it out to: Kitten Associates and please note on the check the funds should go to "Tater Tot" mail it to:

Kitten Associates
P.O. Box 354
Newtown, CT 06470-0354

Any funds not used for the care of this family will go into our General Fund.

On Marias Lap.jpg
©2012 Maria S. Tater would thank you for your help but he needs to rest so he can get better.

THANK YOU for caring about Tater Tot!

Meet Opal & Her Kittens

She was just 9 months old and already pregnant. This poor calico cat lived outside on scraps without the love and support of a family. When one of our volunteers saw her, she contacted us and we decided we needed to act immediately.

Baby opal in 2011.jpg
©2012 Maria S. Opal, just a few months ago.

Within a week, the calico we named, Opal, gave birth to four kittens. Because she was stressed, young and in poor health, two of Opal's kittens did not survive the first week. Our Vet believes they were too premature to survive even though we went to great lengths to save them.

Survivors with mom B.jpg
©2012 Cyndie Tweedy. Opal with her two kittens.

Now 10 days old, Opal's remaining kittens are doing well and growing larger every day. We'd love to have suggestions for names for our boy and girl so email us at info@kittenassociates.org with your ideas or visit us on Facebook and leave your suggestion there.


©2012 Maria S. Lucky for him, Maria saw this poor little kitten laying in the street when she was driving home from work.

I just got these disturbing images of a VERY WEAK, sick, flea-infested, 4 week old kitten who is barely alive. He's VERY THIN and too weak to run off. Maria found him, along with his sister in the SAME YARD as where we just rescued a mama cat and 3 of her kittens a month ago. These folks have a track record of NOT caring for their cats at all. Last time two of the kittens we were going to rescue "disappeared" and were never seen again! We can't let that happen a second time so we've offered to take these two kittens before they DIE!

©2012 Maria S. This poor little guy couldn't even stand.

We MUST get some funding to help provide for immediate Vet care (which will cost more money, but we can't wait until Wednesday to get them to our low cost Vet), along with funds to provide for their future Vet care.

There are TWO kittens. I only have photos of the one right now. The other is a shy Tortie!

If you can help us with a donation, we would appreciate it VERY MUCH!! EVERY DOLLAR HELPS!

The donation you provide to this Emergency Rescue is TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. The money will go to my 501©3 Non-Profit Cat Rescue: Kitten Associates.

If you'd prefer to send a check, please make it out to: Kitten Associates and please note on the check the funds should go to "Two Kittens Fund" mail it to:

Kitten Associates
P.O. Box 354
Newtown, CT 06470-0354

Any funds not used for the care of this family will go into our General Fund.