Meet the Clementines!

One of our goals is to help local cats in need, but this time we just had to go beyond our borders and rescue six precious lives. These 8-week old orange (okay, one is buff colored) tabby kittens have been nicknamed the Clementines. These babies were going to be euthanized because the rural Kentucky shelter they were was overcrowded and had no choice unless a rescue could step forward.

We offered to grant a rescue group $200 to help with their care, hoping someone would step up, but a few days passed and time was "up." We decided that because we were blessed by having a new foster home open up that we could take this family on so we made arrangements to rescue this family.

Clementines Arrive R Olson 350.jpg

A few days ago we picked up the kittens. They were covered in fleas. When we got them home at 1am, we noticed that two had eye infections so the next day we took them to the vet for a check up.

Dot getting a Bath R Olson 800.jpg

The kittens are getting the care they need, but because they're underweight we couldn't treat their fleas, other than by giving them a bath. We think the warm water really soothed them because they all fell asleep after getting cleaned up. They're eating well and playing. In a few days we'll have our Squee-TV 24/7 web cam set up in their room so you can watch their antics any time. Watch for a link on our web site or on our Facebook page.

Sick Kitten R Olson.jpg

As with any rescue, we always appreciate donations of food, toys, litter or gift cards to keep the kittens happy. If you'd like to help, please visit our Wishlist or click the icon to the right and you can purchase whatever fits your budget or to make a donation to the Clementines you can click on the "DONATE" tab above or mail a check made out to "Kitten Associates" and send it to, P.O. Box 354, Newtown, CT 06470-0354.

Thank you!