What's New?

What's New?

The Sniffles & Boo Boo Fund

We were going to celebrate rescuing a beautiful family; a mama and her three newborn kittens. Our first days were filled with joy, but was soon followed by dread-our family was sick. Like so many other cats rescued from Kill Shelters, they were exposed to many strains of upper respiratory illnesses. The little kittens, with immature immune systems were hit hardest.

before and after sick.jpg
Cara Melle, before (left) and after (right) she got sick.

Little Polly, was the worst of all. Her eyes began to swell shut. She started screaming. She was so congested, not only was breathing tough, but her sense of smell was lost. Without it she could not nurse and in time, we feared she could die if we couldn't get her to eat.

Polly So Sick.jpg
Cara's sister, Polly, hit hardest by the virus.

After numerous trips to the Vet, the kittens are still not stable. We're doing our best for them, but to be able to provide care for as long as it takes, we need to ask for donations.

In honor of Polly and her family, we've established the Sniffles & Boo Boo Fund, where 100% of any donations we receive will go directly to providing Vet care, medicine and any other support needed to help Polly, as well as all of our other foster cats, get well and stay healthy, once they overcome their ailments.

If you'd like to help, simply press the "ChipIn" button, below or you can send a check to: Kitten Associates, P.O. Box 354, Newtown, CT 06470. Please note: Make sure you add: “Sniffles & Boo Boo Fund” on your check so we know where to direct the funds.


A New Day Dawns for Cat Rescue

by our Founder: Robin A.F. Olson

Thank you for visiting us! Please mind the construction. We have lots of big plans and are going to be doing some really wonderful things to help effect the rescue of at risk shelter cats and dogs, but until we have everything set up, we’re going to continue our work rescuing kittens.

Currently we are NOT able to accept surrendered animals. We have a network of rescuers and we’re helping with their cats at this time.

We DO have kittens available for adoption. Click HERE to see a list of Available Cats and either download an Adoption Form or you can fill it out online.