Saving Wallace Inspires an Idea

Last week we came to the aid of the Danbury Fire Department after they'd rescued a kitten trapped inside the wall of a home. We're very happy to report that thanks to his wonderful foster mom, Christine, Wallace-the-kitten is doing very well. In fact Wallace has doubled his weight and is playing and enjoying life with his new BFF, a Great Dane named Nina.

Now that the dust has settled a bit we wanted to share an idea with all of you. We discovered that the Fire Station staff have no information on how to care for young kittens and we want to fix that problem. We'd like to put together a Kit, with printed information that includes the names of rescues in the area and vets who can possibly help with a rescued kitten. Eventually we'd like to add a page here on our web site and provide the staff with some products like a kitten nurser, rubber nipples, goat milk, a small heating pad, a SnuggleKittie™ (which literally made all the difference in Wallace's rescue), a small cat carrier and a few other items. Ideally want this "Kitten Rescue Kit" in EVERY Fire Station in the country!

We're pretty sure we can cover the costs for a Kitten Rescue Kit for the Danbury Fire Station and our own, here in Newtown, but going forward, we'd love some volunteers to help us put together these kits, solicit donations and help us get them out where they're needed.

In Wally's case, had he been at the Fire Station much longer without being fed or voided, he could have become critical and died. With a little bit of care to keep him stable until help could arrive could make all the difference for other kittens in need. If you'd like to help us put this project together, please contact us at: or call us at: 203-744-9228.

If you'd like to make a donation in honor of a Fireman or to help us with our new program, please visit our Donate page or click the Donate button to the right.

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