Trapped Inside a Wall. Rescued by Danbury FD & KA!

Meet Wallace. He was trapped inside a wall in an abandoned house and the people living there called for help when they heard his cries. The crew was able to safely rescue the 3-week old kitten, but there was no sign of his mother or any other kittens. The choice was to leave him behind to find his family or bring him back to the station and try to get him some help.

Kitten Associates was called to step in when other rescues couldn't. Although we don't have a huge network of foster homes we decided it was too dangerous to let the kitten go on for countless hours without any nutrition so we jumped into action.

We showed some of the fireman how to feed the kitten and they were really helpful and interested in Wallace's care going forward. We feel like Wallace may have a new fan club rooting for him and we certainly hope that's the case. It was nice to help people who rescue others for a living-a way to give back to our community and to respect our Firefighters for what they do.

If you'd like to help with Wallace's future care, please consider making a donation using any of the buttons on the right or by clicking on the DONATE page above.

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