Meet Opal & Her Kittens

She was just 9 months old and already pregnant. This poor calico cat lived outside on scraps without the love and support of a family. When one of our volunteers saw her, she contacted us and we decided we needed to act immediately.

Baby opal in 2011.jpg
©2012 Maria S. Opal, just a few months ago.

Within a week, the calico we named, Opal, gave birth to four kittens. Because she was stressed, young and in poor health, two of Opal's kittens did not survive the first week. Our Vet believes they were too premature to survive even though we went to great lengths to save them.

Survivors with mom B.jpg
©2012 Cyndie Tweedy. Opal with her two kittens.

Now 10 days old, Opal's remaining kittens are doing well and growing larger every day. We'd love to have suggestions for names for our boy and girl so email us at with your ideas or visit us on Facebook and leave your suggestion there.