What's New?

What's New?

Happy Holidays!

KA_2011_Holiday_Card_for PF.jpg

Happy Holidays to you! This year's card was courtesy of GreenGirlz Pet Photography and our own President Robin Olson (for doing a bit of Photoshop magic and designing the card). It features our four white foster kittens: Snowball, Powder, Blizzard and little sister, Princess de Winter (who just got adopted, yay!).

If you'd like to add a new companion to your family, please click on the “Adopt” tab to learn more about our foster kittens!

We're Having a White Christmas!

Who wouldn't want to have a White Christmas? Now you can with our latest arrivals! These four sublime siblings are sweeter than sugar and white as snow. Three of them have a delicate brush stroke of grey on their head. They look so much alike we're not even sure which one is which!

All Four Kittens_med a.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. The kittens arrive!

What we DO know is these six month old sweethearts were orphaned when their mother was killed when they were only a few days old. Bottle fed by one of our fantastic foster mamas, these kittens survived and thrived in her loving care.

Jazz and Princess two a.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Princess & Jazz.

At just over 5 months old, Princess de Winter and her three brothers are ready to be adopted! If you'd like to learn more about them or fill out a Pre-Adoption application, just press the “Adopt” tab, above.

Justing on my leg a.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Justin is a LOVE BUG!

Greengirlz Holiday Pet Photo Event!

Talented photographers Greengirlz are holding a Holiday Photo Event  this weekend at Your Healthy Pet in Newtown.

And the best part is - part of the proceeds go to Kitten Associates! That's right - get your holiday pet photos, and help us save more cats too.

We're so grateful for the generosity of this extra special team - and to all those who take advantage of this extra special event.

So head on over to Your Healthy Pet at 224 South Main St, Newtown, CT  this Saturday or Sunday, November 19th or 20th.

More event details here.

Power's Back On & So is Our Adoption Event!

We lost power for almost a week and had no internet for a bit longer than that. We're very glad things are starting to get back to normal, especially because we're having an Adoption Event on Saturday, November 12th from 12-4pm at Choice Pet Supply in Monroe, CT.

Big News.jpg

We'll have lots of cute kitties to choose from so we hope you'll be able to stop by and visit them. They also make great lap warmers when the power goes out (we can attest to that!).

For more information, check our EVENTS section on the right side of this page.

Connecticut State of Emergency

Dear friends - I'm writing this on a borrowed laptop in a friend's office.

Our area is dark. Our kitties have food and shelter, but not much else.

We lost power Saturday, are still without it, and will likely stay that way for another week.

In the meantime, we ask that you be patient with any requests or applications. We are not able to receive mail or respond to queries at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience, and please check back with us in a few days.

Warmest regards,

Sam Moore

Web Guy

Kitten Associates

Our Newest Arrivals-Hanna & Macy

Two little kittens, lost and alone on the streets of Bridgeport, CT were covered with fleas. The smaller of the two was near death. Luckily, these girls who may not even be related, were rescued by a good samaritan. That person couldn't provide them with the care they needed so we stepped in to help.

The Girls_xsm.jpg

Thanks to having a brand new foster home to rely on made this rescue possible. The littlest kitten was named, Hanna. She weighed just 6 ounces and was very ill. With loving care, getting rid of the fleas and starting her on good food, Hanna slowly started to recover.

The other kitten was named, Macy and she looked after her little friend by snuggling with her and washing her face as their missing mother would have done.

Two weeks later, Hanna weighs just over 1 pound and Macy is on her way to 2 pounds. The fleas are long gone, but the kittens have the sniffles. We'll make sure they get whatever they need until they're ready to find their forever homes.

If you'd like to donate towards their care, please visit our “donate” page and choose to give to our General Fund or our “Boo-Boo & Sniffles Fund” which goes to vet care for our kittens.

Kitten Associates Wins a $500.00 Donation!

We're extremely honored and thrilled to receive a $500.00 donation from Ingrid King of The Conscious Cat blog. Ingrid is a well respected author and cat advocate whose blog recently won a 2011 Pettie Award from Dogtime Media for Best Pet Blog!

For KA.jpg
Robin Olson, President of Kitten Associates, left, with Ingrid King, right (thanks to Photoshop for making our meeting possible since Ingrid lives in Virgina!)

Visit Ingrid's Blog to read more about her donation to Kitten Associates, as well as to learn about cat health, wellness and nutrition from a true inspiration to cat owners the world over!

We Couldn't Let Them Die

She was dumped at a Kill Shelter with newborn kittens by her side. She was so unhappy she stopped eating. Four days passed. She grew thinner and weaker as her kittens struggled to get the last of her resources.

Mama and babies_sm.jpg

Though we feared she was very ill, and feared the costs of her Vet care, we decided we couldn't let this sweet Mama and her kittens die in a cage.

Yesterday, she and her family were rescued and vetted. Mama is only 9 months to 1 year old! She has nothing particularly wrong with her, but is very thin at just 5.3 pounds. We brought her into foster care and sure enough, she ate. She ate quite a bit of food.

Though she and her family have a long way to go-and her babies are still very fragile, we hope that we got to them in time and that one day they will all be robust and joyful.

Bunch o Babies sm.jpg

The babies are only a few days old and will need care for a few months before they're old enough to be adopted. We hope you'll consider making a donation towards their care, so we can provide for whatever they need. We also hope you'll stop back and see updates on this very special family.

They were rescued in honor of our own cat, Bob, a big orange fellow, who passed away the same day the kittens were born.

Our Newest Fosters-The Angel Babies

Six little kittens, found in a barn. Their mother was shot by a farmer who thought she was after his ducklings. When one of our volunteers found out about this, she acted quickly. The kittens hadn't had food for two days and were in grave danger.

She got the kittens home and began the difficult task of feeding them every few hours. They were less than a week old.

bag babies-xsm.jpg
Yes, that's an inuslated lunch bag full of neonatal kittens!

It was touch and go for awhile, but these little troopers, stayed strong. It's been two weeks since they were rescued and we're glad to report that all six kittens are still with us. They have been named! Please meet: Justin, Shiro, Princess, Screamer, Jazz and Vash.

If you'd like to see a video of them getting fed, you can see it HERE.

bed babies-xsm.jpg

Hello Angel Babies!


This family will need vet care and good food, so we're doing a special fundraiser for them. If you can help us, we'd love to raise enough to get them their shots and tests and spayed or neutered when they're old enough.

What Have I Gotten Myself Into Now?

Being the President of a Non-Profit Cat Rescue requires me to wear many hats. One day I might be designing forms we'll use to educate our adopters and later, I might begin work in Excel to setup a mailing list.

Last month I was invited to take part in a Storytelling/Comedy night at The Gotham Comedy Club in NYC. As someone who dabbled (which means I did it twice in front of about 10 people) in standup comedy, this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. For one, I could help raise money for two other rescue groups (and maybe score some donations for KA, too), but the other reason is it's been a dream I could never hope to realize, to be on stage in an actual comedy club in New York City!

Stewie 7-13 Flyer_tiny.jpg

Then, it hit me. What was I thinking? I'm a Graphic Designer, Blogger, Writer, Foster Mom, Weather Spotter for NOAA. I'm NOT a comedian or a storyteller! Okay, I think I have a great sense of humor, but in front of an audience? That will be video taped and uploaded online? Oh no!

Oh well. Live and learn. In 24 hrs, it will be a thing of the past. I just gotta remember to...oh no...I forgot what I had to remember!

If you want to see me make a fool of myself, stop by tonight, July 13th (13th?!!) at 8pm EST. More info on Storytellers to the Rescue can be found HERE.

And please don't tell me to “break a leg.” I might take it literally.