#SweetSuperheroes are Desperately Hungry!

11 HUNGRY kittens are arriving in a few days! We're in DIRE NEED of donations of canned cat food. Here's 4 easy ways to make a difference:

1. Use our Amazon WishList to choose your gift for our kittens.

2. Use one of the links below to go to Chewy's. Their pricing on some of the cat foods are significantly lower than using Amazon and we'd rather you save money while your gift can have the biggest impact. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND WE'LL BE HAPPY WITH ANY SIZE CAN FROM 3 OZ TO 12 OZ!

USE Our Shipping Information for any order you place with Chewy's: Kitten Associates, 5 Commerce Road #354, Newtown, CT 06470 (amazon has our address if you order through them)

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Mighty Macaroon is mighty hungry!























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Secret Agent Pudding is hoping to be on the case...of cat food!

3. Make a Gift HERE of any size so we can use it for Vet care or anything else our kittens need to be happy and healthy.

We also just got our first Target Gift Registry! set up! So when you shop for yourself, you can add a few goodies for our kittens!

Our goal is to get at least 30 cases of cat food THIS WEEK. Please be part of our rescue team and join us in saving lives! Thank you!

A Fun Way to Help our Kittens While You Shop

We just got our first Target Gift Registry! set up! So when you shop for yourself, you can add a few goodies for our kittens!

We're really excited for this opportunity because we have to purchase a lot of non-fun things like garbage bags and paper towels. If you help us with a purchase of those items, then we can steer more of our cash donations to vet care and cat food! Win-win!

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Thank you for supporting our rescue and caring about our little rescue babies. We can't save lives without you!

Join Our Biggest Rescue to Date. Meet the #SweetSuperheroes


We were just contacted by a municipal animal shelter in the south. They are overloaded with 60 kittens. Due to lack of space to provide care, they were faced with having to euthanize perfectly adoptable animals. We couldn't let that happen, so we decided to take on as many as we could, knowing if we take some, it means the others may be spared, too.


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But we can't offer this sort of help without YOU being part of our rescue team. It’s no joke that caring for many kittens will be quite costly between vaccinations, spay and neuter, parasite treatment, FIV and FeLV testing, food, litter, vet exams and whatever else they may need times 9.

Yes, we've rescued 9 kittens from two different litters. We didn't "cherry pick" out the prettiest kittens, we took the ones that needed us the most.

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We can’t do this rescue without you, so I’m asking you to become part of our rescue team by giving a life-saving gift. It will help us provide everything these kittens need until they find their forever families.


The #SweetSuperheroes basic care will cost at least $1500-$2000 (easily more than that once we fully assess their needs).

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Things to know before you give:

• We’re a 501c3 non-profit cat rescue. Your donation is tax-deductible.


• We’re a 100% volunteer rescue organization so your donation goes directly to the cats and kittens, not a fundraiser or any paid staff members.



• Give a gift (of any size-every dollar matters) by going to our PayPal Account HERE.



• OR USE THE DONATE TODAY BUTTON WITHOUT A PAYPAL ACCOUNT (can use your debit or credit card)


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• You can mail a gift to: Kitten Associates, 5 Commerce Road #354, Newtown, CT 06470. Make checks out to: Kitten Associates

NOTE: We are NOT going to use any fundraising web sites because they take between WEEKS and MONTHS to give the donation. If we don’t use fundraising web sites, more of your donation goes to the kittens right NOW.

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Look familiar? Her twin sister is above, number 1144, Secret Agent Pudding!

We’ll be posting updates on our fundraiser, along with updates on the kittens, on our Facebook page. As always, if you have any questions for us about the kittens or the fundraiser, please contact me (Robin) at info@kittenassociates.org


How does it feel to save a life? Become part of our team and find out! We can't save them WITHOUT YOU!


Meet our #SweetSuperheroes!

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