A Purebred Siberian with an Amazing Lineage Needs a Home

Stormy is a purebred (with papers), 9-yr old Siberian cat. Her lineage is astounding. Her dad was imported from Russia and her grandfather is in the movie: Nine Lives. This beautiful lady is losing her home because of her mom's allergies.


Emotionally, Stormy is a diamond-in-the-rough. She's cranky with strangers, but she's perfection with her mom. In time, we know she'll be lovey-dovey with her new family, but they have to be patient with her.


Stormy Portrait 1200

Stormy loves to "talk" especially when she's ready for dinner. She'll do best in a quiet home with experienced cat-parent/s who will give her time to adjust and become friends. She's lived with a dog and kids, but we're not so sure she's all that happy with so much activity.

Stormy has had excellent vet care every year and just got updated on her vaccinations. She also got a (not the best) lion-cut because she does not (currently) care to be groomed.

We believe Stormy could become used to being groomed in the right home, so her luxurious coat could finally be seen. She has cute white paws and sparkling eyes. Because she's a purebred cat her adoption fee is: $250.00

Stormy Meow

If you'd like to know more about Stormy, contact us at info@kittenassociates.org or fill out a Pre-Adoption Application.


MAY 14, 2017 UPDATE: Happy Mother's Day! Stormy was just adopted into a loving home!

MAY 21, 2017 UPDATE: Sadly, Stormy's adoption fell through. Her new family felt over stressed caring for a cat so Stormy is available to be adopted again. This time we are looking for EXPERIENCED CAT PARENT/S who have a quiet home and who can handle Stormy's "stormy" personality. She will be angry being re-located again and distressed but she will also calm down and seek out love as soon as she feels safe and confident in her new home. That's why we are looking for an experienced, calm, patient person or family who can finally give Stormy what she needs.

June 21, 2017 UPDATE: We believe Stormy may be in some mesure of pain due to her being front-paw declawed. She's having tests done and being evaluated to determine if she has a medical issue or a behavioral one. For now we are taking Stormy off our web site and Petfinder until we feel we have a better understanding of her needs and what her new family will need to know about her. She's in foster care in a loving home.

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Just Born
©2017 Robin AF Olson. Waverly and her not-yet-named newborn kittens a few minutes after they were born on 3/2/17. They are our first kittens of 2017.

Our President to Speak at Cat Camp NYC!

“After fostering over 500 cats and kittens, one can imagine I have lots of heartwarming stories about their rescue to share.” says Kitten Associates Founder, President and Award-Winning cat blogger of CoveredinCatHair.com, Robin A.F. Olson. “That’s why I’ll be heading up a roundtable storytelling session about some of our favorite rescues.”

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Cat Camp is March 11-12 at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011, from 11 AM to 7 PM each day. It will bring cat lovers together under one roof to celebrate all things cat and to discuss some of the most important and challenging problems facing cats today. Exhibitors will hail from around the country and there will be several adoption events and fairs taking place throughout the weekend.

There will also be special presentations including a keynote message by The Cat Daddy, Jackson Galaxy (My Cat from Hell and the Jackson Galaxy Foundation); Lil Bub (with a presentation by Bub and Mike Bridavsky); NYC Feral Cat Initiative; Kate Benjamin (Hauspanther); and other notable personalities.

“There are thousands of cat rescues, but few ever write such moving stories as featured on Robin’s blog. It’s a huge thrill for her to be included in such a group of cat-centric celebs.” says the group’s Vice President, Sam Moore. “This is a fun-filled event for any cat lover of any age.”

Curious Fred
©2012 Robin AF Olson. Fred.


“This is a great opportunity to inspire and educate people to join our rescue community and I’m incredibly honored to take part.” Olson explains. “I’m also a bit nervous, but my goal is to focus on stories about cats like Fred, who was the Mascot of our Kitties for Kids program, which helped local kids find their smiles after the tragedy here in Newtown; and about Chester, the 21-year old cat I located at the very last minute, after he’d been missing for nearly a week. I warn attendees to have tissues available when they hear some of these stories, but only to dry happy-tears.”


For full info on tickets visit the Cat Camp website.


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