A Miracle Rescue

This weekend, one of our volunteers spotted a young cat lying in the street. She stopped to see if it was injured and discovered it was lactating, indicating it either was a mama or had kittens that had passed away.

It took two days, a visit to the Vet, a lot of fresh water and food and a few trips from our volunteer's home to where she found the cat before this 8-10 month old mama showed everyone where she had hidden her kittens!

Find Mama copy.jpg

From this hidden notch under a tree, the opening covered by leaves and other debris, our volunteer saw the eyes of the mama cat, then another movement-a KITTEN! She reached into the darkened space and carefully lifted out a tiny, 2-week old calico kitten. She'd been away from her mother for over 24 hours and it was vital she begin nursing soon or she could perish.

Calico in gloves.jpg

Slowy and thoroughly, the nest was emptied out.

There were FIVE precious lives at stake now. The mama made it six.

They were immediately taken into foster care. The mama had a big meal, then proceeded to nurse her babies in the clean comfort of a new bed.

First good meal.jpg

Though we didn't plan on taking any rescues in this week, we knew we couldn't sit by and let this family die. They are safe now, but we need funds to provide for their vet care and food. We hope you'll agree that these lives were worth saving by making a tax deductible donation using the ChipIn widget below.

Little Gray Cutie copy.jpg

Thank you for caring enough to help this family! It's with support like yours that makes it possible for us to keep saying YES when cats are in need.

A mothers love.jpg

Cara Needs Your Help.

Cara's been sick for most of her short life. She continues to have episodes of vomiting every two weeks or so. Before she had two endoscopies to open up her esophagus, Cara vomited daily. Her growth is stunted and she is just a tiny cat and very underweight. If you're not familiar with Cara's story, you can read more HERE and HERE (on our sister web site: Covered in Cat Hair).

Cara Portrait.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Sweet Cara.

Cara's been struggling for a very long time. We moved her to a new foster home so she could have “alone time” and a chance to recover. Cara was doing fairly well. Then, the vomiting started again and Cara became withdrawn.

Heart Sounds.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Dr. Larry listening to Cara's lungs and heart.

We did not hesitate to bring Cara to see our Vet. He took some blood and did a thorough exam. He told us he was very concerned that Cara still has a problem passing food through her digestive system and that Cara will likely need a third endoscopy. This time, they'll also need to take biopsies of her stomach lining and small intestine.

The results of the blood work indicated that Cara has a very high white blood count. It's 28,000, when a high normal is about 19,000. This is bad news for our little sweetheart.

Cara Examined R.Olson.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson.

Our resources are depleted, but our resolve is not. We need to raise money to provide another endoscopy for Cara. Should there be any additional funds, they'll go into our General Fund, to provide food and basic Vet care for any of the other cats in our Program.

If you'd like to help Cara, simply use the ChipIn widget, below. Your donation is tax deductible.

Thank you for helping Cara feel better.

Beauty Helps our Beasts

What does makeup have to do with helping kittens in need?

One of our friends, Amy Sikes, has the answer.


For the Month of June, Amy, who's an Avon representative, is going to donate her online profits on all her orders to Kitten Associates, Inc. If you need new nail polish to spice up your pedicure, sunscreen to protect your skin, or a host of other products, please visit Amy's Avon page HERE and place your order.

Just think, you can help yourself, or maybe splurge on some jewelry or something for the kids, while you help us provide food and other essential care for our foster kittens! Avon also sells products for men, your home and lots more, so it's not just about makeup! There's something for everyone.


Let's go shopping! The kittens are hungry!


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