Cara Needs Your Help.

Cara's been sick for most of her short life. She continues to have episodes of vomiting every two weeks or so. Before she had two endoscopies to open up her esophagus, Cara vomited daily. Her growth is stunted and she is just a tiny cat and very underweight. If you're not familiar with Cara's story, you can read more HERE and HERE (on our sister web site: Covered in Cat Hair).

Cara Portrait.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Sweet Cara.

Cara's been struggling for a very long time. We moved her to a new foster home so she could have “alone time” and a chance to recover. Cara was doing fairly well. Then, the vomiting started again and Cara became withdrawn.

Heart Sounds.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Dr. Larry listening to Cara's lungs and heart.

We did not hesitate to bring Cara to see our Vet. He took some blood and did a thorough exam. He told us he was very concerned that Cara still has a problem passing food through her digestive system and that Cara will likely need a third endoscopy. This time, they'll also need to take biopsies of her stomach lining and small intestine.

The results of the blood work indicated that Cara has a very high white blood count. It's 28,000, when a high normal is about 19,000. This is bad news for our little sweetheart.

Cara Examined R.Olson.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson.

Our resources are depleted, but our resolve is not. We need to raise money to provide another endoscopy for Cara. Should there be any additional funds, they'll go into our General Fund, to provide food and basic Vet care for any of the other cats in our Program.

If you'd like to help Cara, simply use the ChipIn widget, below. Your donation is tax deductible.

Thank you for helping Cara feel better.

Beauty Helps our Beasts

What does makeup have to do with helping kittens in need?

One of our friends, Amy Sikes, has the answer.


For the Month of June, Amy, who's an Avon representative, is going to donate her online profits on all her orders to Kitten Associates, Inc. If you need new nail polish to spice up your pedicure, sunscreen to protect your skin, or a host of other products, please visit Amy's Avon page HERE and place your order.

Just think, you can help yourself, or maybe splurge on some jewelry or something for the kids, while you help us provide food and other essential care for our foster kittens! Avon also sells products for men, your home and lots more, so it's not just about makeup! There's something for everyone.


Let's go shopping! The kittens are hungry!

Our Pilot Program Announced!

We're very pleased to announce that we're just about finished building our first web site for another animal rescue organization! As part of our Mission Statement, one of our goals, in addition to rescuing cats, is to help other rescue groups.

We know that if we provide the tools for those rescue groups to do a better job getting the word out on cats, dogs or even rescued wildlife in need, then more animals lives will be saved. Our tools include robust websites that allow the rescue group to manage their incoming and adopted animals, be more effective at fundraising, reach volunteers and build a community of like-minded supporters. The tools are simple enough that most staff/volunteers can use them, so once we've completed setup, the rescue group can update and maintain their website in whatever way they wish.

We're always available should there ever be a problem or question. We won't leave anyone out in the cold!

In the future, we'll be having training seminars and will add staff to handle all our support issues. For now we're just thrilled we're off to a good start and we're beginning to search for the next rescue organization we're going to help.

If you'd like to apply for a Grant for us to build you a website, we'll be taking applications in the coming months. For now, you can contact us at: and tell us why your organization needs our help and we'll get back to you.

If you'd like to talk to us about sponsorship opportunities or would like to make a donation towards building communication tools for other rescue organizations, please contact me directly at:

Stay tuned! We'll be unveiling our first web site soon!


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