Our Newest Arrivals-Hanna & Macy

Two little kittens, lost and alone on the streets of Bridgeport, CT were covered with fleas. The smaller of the two was near death. Luckily, these girls who may not even be related, were rescued by a good samaritan. That person couldn't provide them with the care they needed so we stepped in to help.

The Girls_xsm.jpg

Thanks to having a brand new foster home to rely on made this rescue possible. The littlest kitten was named, Hanna. She weighed just 6 ounces and was very ill. With loving care, getting rid of the fleas and starting her on good food, Hanna slowly started to recover.

The other kitten was named, Macy and she looked after her little friend by snuggling with her and washing her face as their missing mother would have done.

Two weeks later, Hanna weighs just over 1 pound and Macy is on her way to 2 pounds. The fleas are long gone, but the kittens have the sniffles. We'll make sure they get whatever they need until they're ready to find their forever homes.

If you'd like to donate towards their care, please visit our “donate” page and choose to give to our General Fund or our “Boo-Boo & Sniffles Fund” which goes to vet care for our kittens.

Kitten Associates Wins a $500.00 Donation!

We're extremely honored and thrilled to receive a $500.00 donation from Ingrid King of The Conscious Cat blog. Ingrid is a well respected author and cat advocate whose blog recently won a 2011 Pettie Award from Dogtime Media for Best Pet Blog!

For KA.jpg
Robin Olson, President of Kitten Associates, left, with Ingrid King, right (thanks to Photoshop for making our meeting possible since Ingrid lives in Virgina!)

Visit Ingrid's Blog to read more about her donation to Kitten Associates, as well as to learn about cat health, wellness and nutrition from a true inspiration to cat owners the world over!

We Couldn't Let Them Die

She was dumped at a Kill Shelter with newborn kittens by her side. She was so unhappy she stopped eating. Four days passed. She grew thinner and weaker as her kittens struggled to get the last of her resources.

Mama and babies_sm.jpg

Though we feared she was very ill, and feared the costs of her Vet care, we decided we couldn't let this sweet Mama and her kittens die in a cage.

Yesterday, she and her family were rescued and vetted. Mama is only 9 months to 1 year old! She has nothing particularly wrong with her, but is very thin at just 5.3 pounds. We brought her into foster care and sure enough, she ate. She ate quite a bit of food.

Though she and her family have a long way to go-and her babies are still very fragile, we hope that we got to them in time and that one day they will all be robust and joyful.

Bunch o Babies sm.jpg

The babies are only a few days old and will need care for a few months before they're old enough to be adopted. We hope you'll consider making a donation towards their care, so we can provide for whatever they need. We also hope you'll stop back and see updates on this very special family.

They were rescued in honor of our own cat, Bob, a big orange fellow, who passed away the same day the kittens were born.


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