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Join us! We're part of Fairfield County Giving Day, a 24-hour marathon fundraiser for non-profits.


Please tell your friends about our fundraiser, too, so your gift can do even more.

We take on the tough cases, like Freya, who was given a 10% chance to survive. Today she's a 4-year old spitfire who's happy and healthy. We LOVE to do RESCUE, but we can't do it without resources.

Freya on my Chest R Olson

Why it's Good to Give: Your gift is tax-deductible! AND...Because we're a 100% volunteer-rescue, all gifts go to providing for the care of our foster cats & kittens.

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2014 09 01 12 10 26 all together
Laney & her daughter, Winnie, with their litters of kittens. Today this mom & daughter (along with Winnie's daughter, Piglet) live together in a loving home. The remaining kittens were adopted, too, and doing great. Spayed and healthy, these cats got to have a wonderful life, thanks in part to donations from people like you.

Save the Date: Fairfield County's GIVING DAY IS THURSDAY

Mark Your Calendars!

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Take part in our 24-hour marathon fundraising competition! Kitten Associates is trying to raise $5000 in ONE DAY! Is it possible? Can we do it? Only with your help!

Look for the SPECIAL GREEN DONATE BUTTON or SPECIAL LINK (both will work, only on Thurs the 28th). You'll see them here on our web site and on Facebook.

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Give a gift of $25 or more and tell all your friends to do the same! Our goal is to raise $5000!

We can't say YES to saving lives without your donations. We don't have deep pockets or get fancy grants. We're 100% volunteer, home-foster based rescue. Every dollar goes to our rescue program and gives us the chance to save cats who would otherwise perish without us.

We want to say YES. Help us make that dream come true!

Aunt Bee Sick
Aunt Bee was sick and very malnourished when we rescued her and 8 other kittens. Because we had funds we were able to provide vet care so she wouldn't have to lose her eye or die from starvation. Bee's story could have been tragic, but instead she's been adopted and is in a loving home with her sister Mrs Beasley.

5 Ways to Help that Don't Cost a Dime

Like any rescue, we constantly need funds more than anything else. Vet care costs rise all the time and most of our resources go to paying our vet bill. But what happens if you still want to help, but don't funds available for donations? Here are some ways you can help that don't cost you a dime.

1. Hostess a Fundraiser

If you're on Facebook, Hostess a Fundraiser for Kitten Associates! It's FREE to do and we get the funds automatically deposited into our account after you've raised $100!

Click this LINK to start your own fundraiser. What's amazing is it's SO EASY to do. You can celebrate and honor a loved one's birthday, anniversary or "just because" you love cats so much.

2. Foster a Cat or Kitten

If you live IN or NEAR Newtown, CT and love cats, we'd love to hear from you! Did you know we have a home-foster network of volunteers who graciously open a room in their home to use for fostering our mama-cats and kittens (or orphan kittens just never know!). You don't have to pay for supplies or vet care or food, WE PAY FOR EVERYTHING! You provide the loving home. All skill-levels are welcome. We will train you or be glad you already know the ropes! This is a great way to teach children about compassion and helping others. It can take a few weeks to longer, but we'll always work with you to set up an easy fostering experience and if you feel it's not for you we always take the cats back ASAP.

IMG 7067
©2018 Robin AF Olson. Wyatt Derp. Born 3/31/18 in our home.

3. Become a Kitten Associate

We need volunteers to do all sorts of things like help plan an event, do data entry (we need a lot of help with data entry), PLAY WITH KITTENS and help us socialize them, or take photos, videos, write a press release or grant application. If you have a special skill or just love cats, we can use your help. You can decide how often you want to volunteer so you never have to feel like you'll get overloaded with requests. We run Kitten Associates like a big family and we want everyone to have fun.

Daphne and the kittens copy
©2018 Robin AF Olson. Daphne and her 4 healthy kittens who would have been born outside with on one to care for them if we hadn't stepped in to help. Without good foster homes we can't save more lives.

4. Like to Haggle?

Yeah, let's just say we're a bit shy here. It's tough for us to ask for lower prices on things we buy all the time-like cat food and litter, and we also need bigger cost items from time to time. Some day we'd like to raffle gift baskets and we'd need items donated for that. Are you an outgoing person with a sparkling personality? Do you like to schmooze vendors to get good deals? Let us know!

5. Host or Co-Host an Online Auction

Organize and inspire folks to donate goods and services for us to auction off online to raise funds for our rescue. Grab a friend or two to help you to make it even more fun! We'll help you promote the auction and we can design all the social media graphics. We even have a few cool pieces to start the auction off with. Ideally, we would like someone in the Newtown, CT area to take this on, but we're open to working with someone out-of-state who has experience doing an online auction. This would be a fun task for 2019. If you know someone who might be a great person for this special project please let them know.

IMG 2861
©2018 Robin AF Olson. Our summer kittens, Buzzbee, Bingham, Nate & Nick and Bettina on their way to the Vet for a checkup. They had little chance to survive the kill-shelter we were in so we took them into our rescue program along with their mom, Matilda.