Save the Date: Fairfield County's GIVING DAY IS THURSDAY

Mark Your Calendars!

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Take part in our 24-hour marathon fundraising competition! Kitten Associates is trying to raise $5000 in ONE DAY! Is it possible? Can we do it? Only with your help!

Look for the SPECIAL GREEN DONATE BUTTON or SPECIAL LINK (both will work, only on Thurs the 28th). You'll see them here on our web site and on Facebook.

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Give a gift of $25 or more and tell all your friends to do the same! Our goal is to raise $5000!

We can't say YES to saving lives without your donations. We don't have deep pockets or get fancy grants. We're 100% volunteer, home-foster based rescue. Every dollar goes to our rescue program and gives us the chance to save cats who would otherwise perish without us.

We want to say YES. Help us make that dream come true!

Aunt Bee Sick
Aunt Bee was sick and very malnourished when we rescued her and 8 other kittens. Because we had funds we were able to provide vet care so she wouldn't have to lose her eye or die from starvation. Bee's story could have been tragic, but instead she's been adopted and is in a loving home with her sister Mrs Beasley.