Fairfield County Giving Day Success!

We did it! Thanks to everyone who donated or shared our messages on social media, we were able to raise over $5000 for our rescue program in just 24-hours!

Thank You 2019 copy

I'm also very proud to say that out of the over 100 non-profits taking part, Kitten Associates ranked 33rd for most donors. This is great news. It means our message is getting out and that we have great friends who support our rescue efforts.

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And though we did not raise as much as the top non-profits (over $100,000 in one case!), for a small, local rescue we still placed within the top 100 out of 415 registered organizations.

Thank you to everyone for their support and to all the folks at FCGives.org for helping us make dreams come true for cats and kittens in need.