Adoption Policies

Table of Contents:

A Good Diet for a Long, Healthy Life

One of the reasons why Kitten Associates is the New Breed of Cat Rescue is partially due to what we feed our foster kittens. They don’t get dry food—ever. Nor do they get food that has grain in it: corn, wheat, soy, rice or oats is a no-no.

Our policy is simple: NO DRY FOOD, EVER. NO “Prescription or Science Diets canned OR dry.”

While we prefer you feed a Raw Diet, you are free to choose from a variety of GRAIN FREE, CANNED FOOD options available at all pet food stores. There are many to chose from at a variety of price points. We will supply you with a list of foods we feed our fosters and help you choose what’s best for your budget.

Why are we so picky?

Cats are “obligate” carnivores, meaning they MUST eat meat as their main source of nutrition. The more processed (cooked, baked, grilled, dried) their food is, the worse their health is over the course of their lifetime.

Although this diet is somewhat more expensive than some low quality or dry cat foods, the savings in Vet visits more than makes up for the initial cost. The thought is you can pay for it now or make your cat “pay for it” later by the long-term effects of grain and over-processing in her diet.

All kittens in our foster program are feed a grain-free canned food diet. Because we realize not everyone can feed, what we consider to be, the most appropriate diet of raw meat mixed with some vitamins and minerals, we begin them on grain-free canned and will assist any adopter in making the change over to a RAW* diet after they bring kitty home.

*Based on guidelines developed by the Feline Nutrition Education Society