Adoption Policies

You’re Thinking About Adding to Your Family!

That’s Great!

Adopting a kitten is a long-term commitment.
Cats can live well beyond 10 years, easily to 15 and some live into their 20s. A very few have even gotten to 30! Please make sure you’ve considered the cost and how it will affect your budget over a decade worth of food and litter costs, annual wellness exams and the amount of time and love your new friend is going to require before moving forward.

If you’re not sure you’re ready for a rambunctious kitten, adopting an older cat may be for you! Their personality is already formed so if you want a lap cat, youll know what youre getting up front. Adults are mellower, but still have the desire to play, just not usually at 2AM when youre trying to sleep. If we’re called Kitten Associates, why would we suggest you adopt an adult when K.A. doesn’t usually have adults available for adoption?

Answer: Adults are often overlooked because kittens are so very cute - even though kittens have grown to their full size by the time they are less than a year old. Adult cats can’t compete with that, but kittens require a lot more care than adults do. We would rather you adopt the RIGHT cat for you even if we don’t have that cat! We can, however, help you find what you’re looking for because ultimately EVERY cat that needs a good home matters to us. It doesn’t matter if you adopt from us, as long as you adopt from a Shelter or Rescue Group!

AND never take on a Free kitten from Craigslist or buy one from a store (see our costs, at right, to see how much that FREE kitten will end up costing you).

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