Adoption Policies

Table of Contents:

Getting a New Kitten Means...
Doing Some Shopping!

    Your new kitten will need:
  • A new or freshly washed out cat carrier
    (please bring with you to pick up your new kitty!)
  • A litter pan, uncovered-only, with no litter pan liner. Cats dont like to be confined when they use their pan and liners bother them. Please use ONLY UNSCENTED litter.
  • Stainless steel or ceramic food and water bowl (as long as the glazing does not have lead). Plastic or melamine pet food dishes hold bacteria in them no matter how well you clean them. They can also cause Feline Acne.
  • Toys! Cats need stimulation and play time. It helps keep them happy, healthy and from using YOU as a toy! NEVER use your hands as a toy or your little cat will grow up into a big cat that can bite you when you try to pet her! We suggest a variety of different types of toys. Fake mice, small balls, long string-wand based toys, as well as feather-attached-to-string toys and catnip toys that are large enough for your kitty to hug and bite.
  • Scratching posts and pads. A VITAL tool for keeping your precious belongings from being shredded. Provide a vertical scratching surface either made of red cedar, carpeted or covered with sisal that is over 31 tall and is VERY STURDY. Your cat will need to be able to comfortably stand and stretch out completely to unknot those muscles and to sharpen claws. Also get at least one, if not more, horizontal and/or angled pad-type corrugated cardboard cat scratchers.
  • What about treats? Cats don’t really need treats, but if you want to give them something yummy, you can buy dehydrated chicken or salmon, no beef, treats that are NOT dry kibble, but actual pieces of dried meat. Most pet shops carry a variety of kinds. You can also give your kitty, Frankenprey. If youre going to roast a turkey or chicken and it comes with the giblets, you can offer the giblets, just rinsed in a bit of cool water, to your cats as is. The neck of the poultry is great for cleaning cats teeth. The can’t eat it, but they can gnaw on it, which is why it does such a great job.
  • Kitten or Cat Food. There are many types of high quality canned grain-free cat and kitten food, as well as pre-mixed raw meat foods we can recommend. We’ll help you choose what’s right for your cat during the adoption process. If you’re interested in feeding a RAW diet (preferred), we can help you with resources and simple guidelines, as well.