Updated Covid Information

Due to the pandemic, we have made changes to how we do our adoptions.

We are open for business and are doing adoptions. Because our foster cats are located in foster homes, not in a shelter, we cannot invite anyone to meet our cats in person due to health-safety issues related to COVID-19. We realize that everyone who wants to adopt a companion animal should be able to meet them first, so this is how we're going to handle that:

Adoptions will be "Foster to Adopt."

Why? 1.
To leave CT, our foster cats must have a Vet-issued Health Certificate for travel out-of-state. It is VERY difficult to get Vet appointments since the pandemic began. Wait times are into WEEKS depending on our Vet's availability. 2. We take our cats back if adoptions don't work out-we always have, but we do not want to put our volunteers and ourselves at risk of getting Covid because we have to travel to pick up a cat. It's too much to ask of anyone. 3. We have to charge adopters a $100/cat fee for issuing a Health Cert. We cannot bear that expense. The problem is, it would have to be paid before the adopter even gets custody of the cat/s. That does not make sense or even seem fair.


• Home visits will be done via FaceTime or Zoom. This non-negotiable. All members of the family need to be present during the call, which can last from 15-30 minutes. We can do it at a time/date that is convenient for you. This includes some nights and weekends, if necessary.

• During the virtual home visit, you will also be able to see and interact with the cat/s you are interested in adopting (as long as the cats are cooperative)

• Applications need to be approved, as always

• You will be asked to fill out an "Adoption Terms" form via email and pay the adoption fee (we will hold the fee until the adoption is completed or return it if it does not work out)

• Once approved we will set up a time to pick up your cat/s

The cat will be considered a Kitten Associates foster cat for the period of one week. This will give you and your family time to get to know your new family member. During that time we will provide food and vet care should the cat become ill.

At the end of the foster period (or any time before) we can finalize the adoption or take the cat back if it's not a good fit. We work very hard to make a good match, so we're hoping it will be unlikely you will need to return your foster cat. If so, we will take the cat back, no questions asked, no judging. This should be a simple process.

We have also changed our feeding guidelines. All foster cats are on a fresh diet and our adopters will be expected to continue feeding fresh in their homes. After 15 years of feeding fresh, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the health of all of our cats and kittens. This is not a great change from our feeding guidelines in the past. We will always be a No-Kibble Rescue and are now a 100% Fresh-fed rescue. If you have questions about this, just contact us.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. It's been a very tough time for our rescue, but with support and friendship, we can get through anything.

Best regards,

Robin AF Olson
President & Founder