Saving Fred

Our hearts are broken. Fred, the 10-month old mascot of our Kitties for Kids program, who helped so many children and their parents find their smiles again after the Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy, has become gravely ill. What started out as a mild fever and some weakness in his back legs, turned into not being able to walk, not eating and growing weaker every day.

We NEVER euthanize our foster cats because of their Vet care needs, so we've been working tirelessly to raise funds to provide everything Fred needs and give Fred EVERY chance to live as long and as comfortably as he can.

Fred has seen NINE Veterinarians ranging in specialty from General Practioners to Internal Medicine and Neurologists. Most of the many tests have come back normal, but one test, a spinal tap, indicated that Fred may have the "dry" form of FIP, which is a fatal disease. Fred may also have lymphoma of the spine-which is treatable with chemo and radiation and may give Fred a good quality of life, but we need more funds to provide that care.

Fred gave so much to the children of Newtown and now HE needs help. Please consider donating, even the price of a good cup of coffee, to Fred's Vet Fund so we can continue to provide the top level of care he deserves. Your donation is tax deductible since we're a 501(c)3 Non-profit. THANK YOU!