Our Little Cover Girl Grows Up!


©2010 M. Sandoval. Sugar Pie just after being rescued.

Sugar Pie, was just a few weeks old when we rescued her and her three siblings from a Kill Shelter. She was one of the first kittens we rescued under the Kitten Associates moniker. We saved her just hours before she was slated to be euthanized, simply due to lack of space at the shelter. We couldn't let that happen.

A very special family stepped forward to offer Sugar Pie a forever home. They had no other cats, but three very big dogs. We were a bit worried about how Sugar Pie would do and if she'd be safe. Once we visited the family, we knew they were going to do everything for her, and more, to keep her safe and give her a great home.

©2010 J.Prevelige. Jasmine all grown up!

Over the past few months since Sugar, now named, Jasmine, has been in her new home, her “Mom” sends us updates showing how beautiful Jasmine has become. She fits in perfectly with the dogs, who love her and treat her as one of their own.

©2010 J.Prevelige. Jasmine and her buddies wait for a treat.

Jasmine even has her own place to sit when Mom is having a snack, in the hopes she'll get a nibble of that yummy treat, too.

Pets 002.jpg
©2010 J.Prevelige. One happy cat!

We couldn't be more delighted to see our Cover Girl doing so well!