Meet our Newest Family!

Though everyone here at Kitten Associates is still heartbroken over the loss of our dear cat, Fred, we realized that the best way to heal was by helping another family in need. We got a call a few days ago to help a very young mama-cat who had just given birth to five tiny kittens on a sidewalk on a very busy street. Her life and the lives of her kittens were in danger. She had no one to provide for her and no shelter for her newborns. She was extremely thin, giving everything she had to her kittens, leaving nothing for herself.

First of family 6.2013 sm.jpg

We named this sweet cat, Minerva, the Roman Goddess of Wisdom (though we call her “Skinny-Minnie”). Minnie was very wise to not hide her kittens so a good samaritan could find her and seek help.

Minnie's kittens were born on June 1, 2013 and are just over a week old today. Though Minnie and her family have many challenges ahead, they are all doing well so far, are growing and gaining weight. Even Minnie gained 3 oz, which she desperately needs to do so she can continue to provide for her offspring.

All the babies in a row sm.jpg

If you'd like to see our family, you can visit our brand new web cam that runs 24/7! Just visit this link: With any luck everyone will be ready for adoption in early August!

If you'd like to help us provide for our new family, please consider making a donation towards their care. Use the Donate Today button on the right side of this page or mail a check made out to: Kitten Associates to: Kitten Associates, P.O. Box 354, Newtown, CT 06470.