Fred, Mascot for Kitties for Kids Has Passed Away

Our beloved, Fred, mascot of Kitties for Kids, died after a long struggle, with what initially was an unknown illness. After months of tests and treatments it was determined that Fred probably had Feline Infectious Peritonitis, which is a fatal disease caused by a spontaneous mutation of the corona virus. FIP is only determined after ruling out everything else because there are no tests for it, which is why we needed so much funding to search for a way to help Fred.

Only a month prior, Fred had been honored with the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association “2013 Pet of the Year Award,” as well as being part of the team given special recognition by US Senator Richard Blumenthal for “providing compassionate and dedicated service” in comforting traumatized children, first responders, and caregivers following the events of 12/14.

Fly Free Fred B copy.jpg

“We worked so very hard to save Fred’s life. FIP is a diagnosis made by ruling out other diseases. We spent weeks seeing specialists and trying different treatments hoping the results would not tell us it was FIP,” said Kitten Associates President and Founder Robin A.F. Olson. “Fred was a charmer, his high leaps made children giggle with glee, but the FIP, over the past month, robbed Fred of being able to move at all.”

“Everyone was rooting for Fred to survive. We had a saying; ‘Go, Team Fred!’” said Kitten Associates Vice President Sam Moore. “Tens of thousands of people knew about Fred’s story and many of them sent us messages of encouragement and love. We know if love cured illness, Fred would never have been sick for even a second.”

In honor of Fred’s passing, Kitten Associates is going to rename its “Boo-Boo & Sniffles Fund,” which they use for special veterinary care, “The Fred Fund,” said Ms Olson.

“Though I am devastated at losing Fred, a few people said to me that they thought maybe Fred had finished his work here and that the children who died in the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary needed him more,” Ms Olson explained. “That’s why, after Fred passed away, we tied a green and white bow around his neck so the children would know him when he arrives in Heaven.”

As a final gesture, Ms Olson and Mr Moore filled out and signed Fred’s adoption contract, formally adopting him as one of their own family. They wanted Fred to have what all Kitten Associates cats have—a forever home, even if in this case it was only for a day.

Fred passed surrounded by the people who loved him most including his brother, Barney, who survives him and has shown no sign of the illness.