COVID19 Reopening News

Dear Friends,

It's been two long months since we closed our doors to adoptions and intake. During that time we've helped cats behind-the-scenes by granting funds for vet care or to find them rescue placements. We opened up one of our foster homes so another rescue could place a mama cat and her 4 kittens into a safe and loving environment. We've continued to do cat behavior consultations and helped cat owners understand the power of a fresh diet.

We've been astounded at the number of adoption applications that have come in for our few, remaining foster cats, but sad we've had to say "No" due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The good new is, we're finally at a place where we can slowly open our doors, so our foster cats can go to their forever homes.

Based on the guidance of Governor Lamont, we will partially re-open starting on May 20th.

Because we're so careful in screening potential adopters, instead of doing home visits in person, we are going to do home visits via FaceTime or other web video program for the next few months.

We are also limiting adoptions to IN STATE ONLY (Connecticut). We will re-open to doing out-of-state adoptions as the pandemic dies down. Most likely that will not be until September 2020 or later. There is too much additional paperwork and vetting for out-of-state adoptions. We're sorry, but we can't take that on at this time.

We will also implement other changes regarding how we do adoptions for the time being. Adoptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis. It will likely include doing hands-free adoptions where adopters pick up our cats without meeting them in person. Of course we ALWAYS take our cats back if it does not work out.

Our doors remain open to anyone who needs cat behavior counseling, feline nutrition or wellness advice. Though it is still too soon for us to take on any new foster cats or kittens, we will continue to network with our rescue peers to help find cats who need rescue an appropriate placement.

Catshew is getting ready to be placed for adoption! Photo courtesy: Dana Sharkey.

We need you by our side so we can continue to operate. If you'd like to make a purchase of items from our WishList or give a gift to help feed and care for our foster cats, go HERE.

We want to extend our gratitude to everyone who has stayed strong, stayed home and been courteous to everyone by wearing masks. And a special Thank You to our grocery store clerks, our hospital workers, our delivery folks and everyone else on the front lines.

Robin A.F. Olson
President & Founder