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Welcome, Milo!

Milo is our newest foster kitten! He and his two brothers were taken in by our Vet, Dr. Chris Mixon of the Newtown Veterinary Center. Dr Mixon has a big heart when it comes to little cats and when Milo and his littermates, Otis and Boogie arrived, sick and skinny, Dr. Mixon made sure the cats got the care they needed.

Milo Full Body copy.jpg

We were more than happy to help find Otis a loving home and Boogie is lucky to have found a great home with one of the staff at NVC. That leaves Milo, so we brought him into our foster program. He's a sweet cat, loves to play, purr and eat his nom-noms!

Milo will have a medium long fur coat and due to his long whiskers we think he may be a big kitty when he grows up. Milo is only 3 months old!

Meet Milo copy.jpg

Click on the Adopt tab if you'd like to know more about Milo and Thank You to Dr. Mixon for being so awesome!

Meet Fred & Barney

Fred & Barney are approaching their 4th week birthday. These adorable little munchkins were born to a mother who is only 9 months old. Although we love these little fellas immensely we wish their mama had been spayed to avoid her the difficult labor and the loss of two of her kittens a few days after they were born.

Fred and Barney.jpg
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Fred & Barney will be available for adoption some time in September. Stay tuned for more updates!

Set Your DVR for Thursday, July 12th at 3pm!

Robin Olson, Founder & President of Kitten Associates, will be featured on Better Connecticut TOMORROW at 3pm on WFSB (Ch. 3). She'll be discussing the urgent need for foster homes for kittens and cats with Scot Haney & Kara Sundlun.

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Olson will also be sharing the spotlight with her two of her foster kittens, Sabrina and Cutie Patootie so don't miss the show!