Adoption Policies

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Declawing is NOT an Option.

Thinking about declawing your cat? Think again! Declawing is not the removal of a portion of a claw. Instead, it is the surgical amputation of the first joint of the cat’s toes. Whether this procedure is accomplished with a scalpel, a guillotine-type cutter or a laser, it is major surgery, and not to be undertaken lightly. In countries outside the USA, it’s actually illegal!

Declawed cats have a much higher incidence of litterbox aversion, and biting too!

Here’s some helpful information about the dangers of declawing and some tips on how to encourage your new kitty to enjoy sharpening her claws in ways that don’t end up ruining your furnishings.

How to trim kitty’s claws: or use SoftPaws or scratching posts effectively: