Our Sick Kittens Need You!

Oh no!! Our family of foster kittens are sick—ALL 9 of them!

Double Troubles R Olson 650
©2015 Robin AF Olson. Some of the kitties before they got sick.

We spent 5 out of the last 6 days going to the vet, doing tests, getting medications for our sick foster kitties. It appears they got sick within one hour of reaching us after their long trip from Georgia. We are devastated to see these animals suffering so much and are working round-the-clock to ensure they get the care they need.

Piglet and Lex Sick R Olson 475
©2015 Robin AF Olson. Piglet and Lex feeling awful.

But we can't do it without you. Last week's vet care costs was $900 and this week may be just as bad. Without your loving support we might have to cut corners and for vet care that's something we just can't do.

Thanks to a generous donor, all donations up to $500 will be MATCHED dollar for dollar so your donation will go twice as far. Please use the DONATE TODAY button to the right to make your donation or you can mail a check to: Kitten Associates, P.O. Box 354, Newtown, CT 06470-0354.

IMG 3490
©2015 Robin AF Olson. Piglet, hit hardest, is also the smallest of her family. Our Vet, Dr. Larry examines her ears.

Kitten Associates is a 501(c)3 non-profit reduce so your donation is tax deductible as the law allows.

Piglet and Black Kitty R Olson475
©2015 Robin AF Olson. We hope Piglet and her brother Jelly Belly will be looking this good again soon.

Blizzard Colbie

We're expecting 18"-24" of snow between today and tomorrow. For that reason, we will be shutting down operations until Weds., January 28th OR LONGER if we LOSE POWER. We will answer calls if possible, but please understand we have no way to get OUT to help you with your cat until all roads are open and safe to travel on and our driveway is plowed out.

We may lose internet access and/or phones so please do not contact us regarding urgent matters. If it's a health emergency with your cat, please contact Newtown Veterinary Specialists at 203-270-8387.

We hope you'll all be safe, stay home and snuggle with your kitties until the good weather returns!

Snow Birds

©2006 Robin AF Olson.

Also, Lady Saturday's dental cleaning has been postponed a week so there's still time to help with donations towards her MUCH NEEDED care. Thank you very much!




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